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NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence: Best Practices in EE

The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education, initiated by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) in 1994, has developed a series of guidelines that sets the standard for high-quality environmental education. Each of these publications was developed by a diverse team of professionals, and each has gone through a substantive review by thousands of professionals prior to its publication.

Through the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education, NAAEE is taking the lead in establishing guidelines for the development of balanced, scientifically accurate, and comprehensive environmental education programs and materials. Quality environmental education programs help develop an environmentally literate citizenry who can compete in our global economy; have the skills, knowledge, and inclinations to make well-informed choices; and exercise the rights and responsibilities of members of a community.

View the Guidelines

Request a Training

VAEE is a member of the Guidelines Trainers Bureau and is happy to provide presentations and training in the use of the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence. Trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group or organization  and can incorporate one or more of the Guidelines. To schedule a training or for more information contact VAEE's Guidelines Coordinator and Certification Administrator.

Adopt the Guidelines

Who Has Adopted the Guidelines?

Does your organization seek to promote high quality environmental education programs? Are you searching for credibility, a set of standards, or a way to move your programs forward? Then, we have your answer: Adopt the Guidelines !

NAAEE and the National Program for Excellence in Environmental Education  encourage stakeholder groups to adopt the Guidelines and apply them to their work. By adopting the Guidelines, your organization will help develop awareness of the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education, improve the quality of your environmental education practice, and build credibility for the field.

If My Organization Adopts the Guidelines,

What Kind of Commitment Will We Be  Making?

By adopting the Guidelines, your organization/agency is committing to:

  • Promote the Guidelines around your conference or other events you sponsor
  • Promote the Guidelines in your publications
  • Actively reach out to other environmental education leaders and demonstrate how the Guidelines can help increase the quality of environmental education programs
  • Use the Guidelines when developing programs, writing funding proposals, making requests for proposals, and selecting materials

The Virginia Association for Environmental Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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