Virginia Environmental Education Certification Program

Environmental Educator Certification is a professional certification program for environmental educators based on the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Guidelines for Excellence. 

Our first cohort of educators seeking certification will begin with the 2019 Virginia Association for Environmental Educators Annual Conference in February.

There are a limited number of spaces available. We will be seeking accreditation for our certification program through the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Benefits of  the certification include:

Building a strong foundation of environmental literacy.

Networking with other Virginia environmental educators.

Improving your organization’s programs with a new environmental education techniques.

Supporting professionalism in the field of environmental education.

Certification Requirements:

CRITERIA I - Online - 10 Hours

CRITERIA II - In-Person - 28 Hours

Meeting 1 - 9  Hours - At VAEE Conferences

NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence -  Professional Development of Environmental Educators - 6 hours

Attend Capstone Project Presentations - 3 hours (n/a for the first cohort)

Meeting 2 - 16 Hours - Methods of Environmental Education 

2 Day Workshop held in different region than VAEE Conferences. July-October timeline

Meeting 3 - 3 Hours - Presentation of Capstone Project at VAEE Conference        

CRITERIA III - Self-Directed Learning - 91+ Hours

Section 1 - Outside Trainings/Workshops - 30 Hours

Section 2 - Exploration of Virginia Regions - 30 Hours

Section 3 - Teaching Experience - 30 Hours

Section 4 - Required Readings and Reflections - Various Hours

Section 5 - Assessment Test - 1 Hour

Section 6 - Capstone Project - Various Hours 

The time requirement to complete the certification process is three years. The start date will be the acceptance of the application.

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Virginia Environmental Education Certification Application Fees

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