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Environmental Education Program of the Year Award

Recognizes an outstanding and innovative environmental education programs, organzations, centers, etc in both the formal and nonformal setting that has demonstrated consistent excellence in educational programming and incorporates EE best practices. 

  • Nonformal programs can be implemented by non-profits, parks, agencies, community groups, zoos, museums, families, etc.
  • Formal programs can be implemented by teachers, administrators, schools, student groups, districts, higher education, etc. Please note that formal programs should be mainly implemented by schools/formal education entities

The recipent of this award will receive up to three individual VAEE memberships or a VAEE organizational membership (for the organization/ agency sponsoring this program) for the 2022 calendar year and a physical award.


Outstanding Leadership, Quality & Effectiveness: Program serves as a model for demonstrating outstanding action, contribution and leadership in environmental education and/or literacy. Program models exemplary quality and effective EE.

Innovative Approach: Program approach is innovative, unique, creative, inclusive, relevant and action oriented. The program will inspire others to adopt their innovative approaches.

Impact: The program's contributions and impact on its audience/community is noteworthy and the program can demonstrate evidence of impact. Nominee’s work could be replicated by others.

Commitment to Environmental Education: The program is future-minded and committed to continuing and expanding its work to advance environmental education and/or literacy.


Please submit nominations via the online nomination form by Monday, January 31st.  Nominations will be compiled and the VAEE Board of Directors will select the winner from the list of nominees.  The winner will be announced at the 2022 VAEE Annual Conference. 

You will asked be provide the following information:

  1. Contact information for the program/ organization

  2. Answers to the following questions:

  • How does the program model quality, effective and inclusive EE that is impactful and demonstrates results?

  • How has the program demonstrated innovation and creativity in EE?

  • How has the audience/learners/community benefited from the program?

  • What impact has the program had on other's understanding of environmental issues, stewardship, conservation and/or outdoor leadership?

  • How do the program leaders measure the success of this program?


Virginia Association for Environmental Education

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Chesterfield, VA 23832

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